We believe in connecting communities and sharing across borders.

While we focus on supporting local youths and street subcultures, engagement with overseas communities can enrich our understanding and appreciation for what we do in profound ways.

Our collaboration with The Kapayapaan Project showed us how significant these connections are, and the important work ahead of us.

The Kapayapaan Project

ETS kapa

The Kapayapaan Project is a hip-hop organisation based in the Philippines that aims to provide education to young locals who are unable to attend school. They do this work by convening, engaging, mobilizing and supporting hip-hop artists and trained educators in the Philippines who have groups of young people currently engaged in hip-hop practices (dance and music), and by advocating for Kapayapaan across the world, through the organizations’ global network of hip-hop artists and affiliates. With the assistance of Kapayapaan advocates from Singapore, we hosted a meaningful tie-up where we were able to galvanize our local b-boys and b-girls to donate money, clothes and shoes directly to the cause.

Team image showing early beginnings of ETS

Clothes Donation Booth at ETS Jam

A clothes donation booth was erected at the Elevate the Streets Jam - clothes and shoes collected went directly to needy youths in the Philippines within reach of the Kapayapaan Project. In total, we were able to receive over 83kg of donations, and personally brought the donations over to the Kapayapaan team in Baclaran, Philippines.

ETS teaching new students how to break

Bboy Palito-Rock & Bboy Tyrone Workshop

Leading up to the ETS Jam, we invited members of the Kapayapaan Project to join us in Singapore and share their knowledge with us. The proceeds from this workshop were used to purchase portable speakers and linoleum dance mats to support their classes in Baclaran and Roxas, Philippines.