To overcome the limitations of a new normal, we actively explore digital modes of engagement.

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In the first quarter of 2020, the global coronavirus pandemic rapidly transformed the way we lived and worked. Singapore swiftly suspended all physical gatherings indefinitely as the government worked towards curbing the spread of the virus. This put an abrupt end to events, festivals and informal sessions, effectively pausing the pulse of street subcultures.

However, we quickly recognised that ETS' cause was far from over. In this time of transition, the needs of youths and subcultural communities have not disappeared - in fact, they have evolved and escalated. The restrictions on physical freedoms and access to outlets of emotional release, coupled with the uncertainties in the midst of a crisis, compounded the struggles youths were already facing. With a lack of opportunities to gather, the sense of solidarity within street subcultures also ran the risk of ebbing away.

The ETS team put our hearts and minds together to develop online initiatives that can connect, engage and build the communities we hold dear, in spite of the necessary restrictions in place to keep our society safe and well. Take a look at what we've done so far.


Online Dance Performances

In the later half of August 2020, the ETS team prepared a 10-person interactive online dance performance in collaboration with The Achievers - Friends of IMH. This performance was in support of the entertainment programmes for IMH long stay patients and their caretakers, who haven't been able to leave the premises since the circuit breaker period.

A micro-documentary of this project will be released soon.

Online Bboy League

To engage the dance community during the circuit breaker period, we released an 'Online B-boy League' with pre-filmed dance battles uploaded twice a week. Winners were decided through online polls on Instagram.

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Online Breaking Tutorials

To allow our workshop materials to be more accessible to the youths that we continue to engage, we have prepared and released bite-sized video tutorials of breaking moves and movements on our IGTV and Youtube.

Livestreaming B-boy Workshops

ETS Volunteers have conducted livestreamed b-boy workshops in support of existing fundraisers and youth engagement programmes.



Online Breaking Tutorials

Sustaining our partnership with Bethesda Care Services, we executed 2 online b-boy workshops for youths in Singapore. These workshops helped to generate interest and guide interested youths to partake in our 6-month mentorship programme - beyond breaking, this is an opportunity for ETS volunteers to support our youths as mentors in dance and in life.

More details on these workshops will be released at a later date!